Tom Thowsen facebookbilde 2-2022

Hi there! Welcome to my homepage. I`m Tom Thowsen, a Norwegian author and painter. I love to depict the world. I use any available tool that I can use. Nowadays, I mostly paint on canvas, but I also write stories on my computer—both fiction and nonfiction.

Besides being an artist, I am married and a father of two adult children. We`re living a peaceful and relatively ordinary life in suburban Fredrikstad, southeast of Norway, close to forests, rivers, and lakes. Many beautiful sceneries to paint. But we`re also surrounded by a culture-historical landscape—a huge inspiration source for me. There are Viking ships, runestones, petroglyphs, fortresses and much more to write about, spanning from the Ice Age to the present.

All this gets materialized in paintings, books, and blog articles.       

So far, I have seven fiction books on the international book market, such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon etc. All are available in English and Norwegian editions.

Have a good time.

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