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Hello and welcome to my homepage, my name is Tom Thowsen, and I am a Norwegian author with a passion for history and old riddles. Murder mysteries. Legends. Controversial archaeological artefacts. These are themes that I use in my thriller novels, along with romance and power struggle and other fascinating stuff. I try to make my stories look as realistic as possible. Believable people. Believable situations. No dragons or UFOs. But a little bit of spirituality, yes.

These are my novels for English readers.

KAYAWETA is a Pre-Colombian adventure in America, based on one of North Americas biggest archaeological mysteries: The Kensington Stone.

THE WHITE LADY is partially based on two legends and a true murder mystery connected to Fredriksten fortress of Halden town in Norway. A kind of ghost story.

THE SEA LION is book 1 in the series about Willy Lauer, a young fisherman from Norway who wants to be a privateer.

THE LETTER OF MARQUE is book 2 in the series about Willy Lauer.

THE CURSE OF GOODNESS is a novelette about the knight Tubbe Eriksson, which is one of the characters in my novel Kayaweta, and here you get his version of the same story.

PS. All my books are also available in the Norwegian language, and they`re easy to read for those who want to learn my native tongue.

Tom Thowsen

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