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Hi there! Welcome to my homepage. I`m the Norwegian author Tom Thowsen. And I love to write stories—both fiction and nonfiction. When that said, my books are mainly fiction with some degree of facts. But my blog posts, however, are factual stuff. Nevertheless, I believe my passion for stories is present in both, which I really hope you`ll enjoy.
“Thowsen manages to combine facts with fiction and writes excellent novels,” wrote the Norwegian Newspaper Halden Arbeiderblad when they reviewed my novel Kayaweta.
There is also another thing I want you to know: my native tongue is Norwegian–not English. Hence, if you see some bad English in my blog posts, you can blame me, and Grammarly—the digital writing assistance tool, that I use. But my books, however, are translated by a professional translator. So, they`re okay.

Besides being an author, I am also married and a father of two adult children. We`re living a peaceful and relatively ordinary life in suburban Fredrikstad, close to the forest. But we`re also surrounded by a culture-historical landscape—which is a huge inspiration source for me. There`s Viking ships, runestones, petroglyphs, fortresses and much more to write about, spanning from the Ice Age to yesterday.

Please feel at home. Make yourself comfortable and read as much as you like. Perhaps you also find some of my books interesting as well. They`re all available in English on the international book market, such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon etc.
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Have a good time.

On an island in the Norwegian archipelago, the 20-year-old fisherman Willy Lauer preparing his yarn when a boat arrives the pier. It turns out to be Moldavian refugees, and among them is 17-year-old Raja Romanova – the most beautiful woman Willy has ever seen. He falls in love, but it turns out that Raja is already married. Though fate is on his side and soon Raja becomes his best friend. Its a war and the British have seized most of the Danish-Norwegian Fleet and started a blockade of Norway. Danish Crown Prince Frederik urges people to become privateers to fight back against the British, and Willy and Raja want to get their very own privateer ship. They dream of becoming rich, but it is not easy to get rich when you have nothing.

The Sea Lion is the first book in the Willy Lauer Series, where each contains around 30,000 words.

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