The letter from Tubbe Eriksson, my absolutely newest novel.

Dear readers,
This autumn is the most hectic autumn in my entire 54 age life. Soon my novel The White Lady will be released – most likely in October – thanks to my fabulous translator Catrine Bollerslev and my proofreader Anna Campbell. Great girls both. I really wish them a great future, because they deserve it. No doubt! I couldn’t make it without them, that’s for sure. However, there are other duties for me as well. At least for me as a family man.
On the 15th of September, my dear wife Irena and I finally managed to finish a wall with four new windows at our cabin, which is located on an island close to the border of Sweden. That was a lot of work as well.

But now I can focus on my authorship again, and I continuous with a small novel which is connected to my novel Kayaweta. It’s based on one of the character’s – the knight Tubbe Eriksson – and his letter to the kings of Norway and Sweden. Dated 16th of February 1372.
It’s an authentic medieval diploma. No fake.

It reads like this:
“I, Tubbe Eriksson, greet most humbly with God King Magnus and King Hakon, with God`s grace, kings of Norway and Sweden. I make known to you that I have left Örebro and I am now abiding an answer to this letter if you want to have my service and want to give me help in West Götaland – to Norway I will not go – and I cannot wait long because I have many people. Whatever you want me to do – make it known with this letter carrier. Indeed, I have other options, but will not decide upon another before I hear your wishes.”

Based on this medieval letter, that I received from one of the best researchers around the controversial Kensington stone, Richard Nielsen, I will now make a historical fiction where I use my imagination freely without any other historical facts – seen through the knight Tubbe Eriksson`s eyes and why he says:
“to Norway, I will not go …”
I would dearly interact with my readers and please don’t hesitate; just send me an email because your opinions are important to me. Thanks.

Please stay tuned.

Tom Thowsen.


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