The Sea of Beauty

In the Norwegian archipelago of Hvaler, in the fishermen’s outpost at Utgårdskilen, you can wander along the shore. Here you can watch their boats, or you can look at the open sea of Skagerak. See the lighthouse on Torbjørnskjær on the horizon. Take a bath if you want or sunbathe on the cliffs. It’s a beautiful world.

Along the pier at Utgårdskilen, the fisher boats and their equipment lie, ready to take off to the sea. This safe harbour is next to the open ocean, and here they also deliver the Catch.
Photo: Tom Thowsen
Hvaler and Utgårdskilen are situated less than two hours’ drive by car from the capital Oslo. Hence many of the capital’s citizens come here in their spare time. Some even have cabins here, even the royals and the NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. It’s well worth a visit if you visit Norway. Photo: Tom Thowsen
A sea of shells washed ashore. Photo: Tom Thowsen
Small fishes washed ashore as well, from the strong waves of the ocean, were now swimming in these shallow ponds. Photo: Tom Thowsen
Photo: Tom Thowsen
View to Skagerak. In the horizon, you can see these objects lined up from the left: Akerøya, Vesleøya—and the tiny little thing to the right is Torbjørnskjær lighthouse. Photo: Tom Thowsen
Photo: Tom Thowsen

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