A well-kept oasis of history and culture

Here do I live, and I feel privileged to live here, next to Northern Europe’s best-preserved fortified town. Gamlebyen, as we call old town Fredrikstad.

Founded in 1567 by the Danish king Frederick II, this is Norway’s first renaissance town. And it has a strategic location in the delta of Glomma — Norway’s largest river. Not far away from the Oslo fjord, too. Or Sweden for that sake.

For me, as an author of suspense novels, is this environment a gold mine. Hence, I often stroll along these ancient walls. As a matter of fact, this is an oasis for many artists, and the town has a few galleries and cafes, well worth a visit.

The Fortified Bridge and the Glassworks Factory. Photo: Tom Thowsen
Old Fredrikstad and Glomma river. Photo: Xalzlos (Wikipedia)
One of the Portals. Photo: Tom Thowsen

Thick walls of rocks and bricks, dark, narrow gateways, water graves, and wooden bridges – once a robust defence system from the past, built after Dutch standards.

A section of a map from 1776
The Main Gate. Photo: Tom Thowsen
One of the streets and a small park. Photo: Tom Thowsen
Along the riverside. Photo: Tom Thowsen
A statue of King Frederick II in the middle and the building to the right is Galleri Sand.
Photo: Tom Thowsen

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