Norway — the land of light and shadows

With the low sun angle during wintertime, everything sparkles between the long shadows. Warm, beautiful colours against the cold ones. Here are some impressions from Svinesund, in the borderland towards Sweden, where two bridges span the Ringdalsfjord. The old and new Svinesund Bridge. Norway’s most south-eastern crossing point to Sweden and the European Union.

January 2020 has been quite warm all over Norway, and here in the Svinesund area, as for most of the coastal parts of the land, the snow is almost absent this winter. Day temperatures around five degrees Celsius. This has fooled nature to believe the spring has come. Hepatica and Coltsfoot blossoms. Butterfly larvae and flies has been seen, too.

Here is the view from the old Svinesund Bridge, towards the new bridge. In Sweden, on the left side, they call this fjord Idefjorden. In Norway its Ringdalsfjorden. Behind the new bridge, far out in the horizon, lies the archipelago of Hvaler. Photo: Tom Thowsen
There`s a marked trail along the Ringdalsfjord where you can walk for hours in the mountains and the forests. Photo: Tom Thowsen
Here is a view over the Ringdalsfjord. Halden town lies hidden behind the hills on the left side. Photo: Tom Thowsen
Bright moss. Photo: Tom Thowsen
A shady shed. Photo: Tom Thowsen
Here is a narrow road between the cliffs. In the background, you can see a glimpse of Berg farm fields, not far away from where they found the Gjellestad Viking Ship. Photo: Tom Thowsen
These frozen fields at Isebakke are Norwegian. The hills in the background are Swedish.
Photo: Tom Thowsen